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About Us

Sterling Secure, Incorporated (SSI), a Minnesota company, was founded in 2011 in response to an increasing demand by consumer and business clients who are seeking answers to critical concerns related to their current financial situation and their future.


Questions such as:

  • Will I outlive my money?

  • Will I have enough money to help my children get started in life without going broke in the process?

  • What is the best way to protect my financial portfolio from losses caused by external factors like the instability of the global economy, perturbations in US economy, the job market, and the volatility of the stock markets?

  • Will I be able to remain financially solvent and not have to dip into my investment portfolio if I become disabled, lose my income stream, and/or have huge medical bills?

  • As a co-owner with a partner of our business, how do I get my equity from the company if I want to retire and my partner cannot afford to buy my shares without bankrupting the company?

  • In the event of a medical event, how do keep the doors open of my business, retain my employees, and keep the business thriving until I can return to work?

  • If I need to help provide care for my parents, can I do so without jeopardizing my family’s future?

  • As a young adult I don’t feel that I can count on anyone regarding my financial security for today or the future – How can I build a financial portfolio that grows without all the risk and intervention by others?


When we reviewed the current practices and advice being given by industry professionals, it became clear that the planning was done by knowledgeable specialists in their area of expertise with little or no regard in many cases for the impact on all other areas of a person’s life.  The composite planning appeared to be disjointed and, if one piece fails to succeed, the other areas take a major hit as well.

In this age of uncertainty, most individuals and business owners are not aware of and do not take full advantage of modern solutions.  This lack of knowledge combined with myopic professional advice can lead to unexpected and unintentional consequences, hardship, and potentially a disaster.



Sterling Secure brings together a team of professionals including financial advisers, CPA’s, attorneys, insurance professionals, consultants, and stable highly rated carriers in industry to serve clients. 


We also partner with our sister company, College Funding of America (CFA), for their nationally recognized expertise in college planning and funding that helps parents and students Get Into College, Not Debt!,   PH: 612-961-1179


Our team has developed a proven approach for planning and risk management that protects consumers and businesses from external detractors that impact their lives and livelihood.  These personalized plans help to protect them financially today and preserve their tomorrows.  Clients have total control over their money and protection of their assets so they Do Not Lose Your Money while minimizing the impact of taxes.  


We call it the SmartPlan System, a true holistic Life Plan Solution for individuals and families as well as businesses that serves them today and the future.


Contact a member of the Sterling Team today to get started in developing your plan that will give you total control.

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